za 11 nov

12:00 - 16:30, Treehouse NDSM



Date: November 11th    Time: 12h-16h30    Price: 75 euro (including light Lunch)

Language: English and Dutch


Join Naomi Mitsuko and Ellen Makkelie for a workshop where creativity meets history, morphing into a vibrant wall painting inspired by the timeless allure of ancient wall paintings and hieroglyphics. In this workshop, not only will you immerse yourself in the art of storytelling through paint, but you will also learn various technical painting techniques guided by experienced artists.

You don’t need to be an artist or have artistic skills; just come with an open mind to become a vital part of this vibrant community mural. This canvas articulates the language of our era, weaving together personal tales and societal reflections.

Bring your ideas, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary, and join us in creating a mural that invites interpretation and discussion. Remember, there’s no good or bad art – we simply encourage you to think outside the box.

Together, we will craft a narrative offering a profound glimpse into our time, recreating the magic of ancient murals in a space of pure, uninhibited artistic adventure, one stroke at a time!


This workshop is part of ‘1+1 free for Amsterdam residents promotion’ from IAMsterdam. Buy one ticket and get one for free!



Naomi Mitsuko Makkelie (1992) initiated this global project with the aim to document contemporary society through a series of murals. These artworks serve as historical archives and social experiments, addressing pressing issues like individualism and societal pressures, while critiquing the current state of the art world. She collaborates with her mother, Ellen Makkelie (1965), a fellow Treehouse Resident, to bring this workshop to life.

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Beeldende kunst, Cultureel erfgoed