vr 25 nov - za 26 nov

20:00 - 23:00, De Tanker

25 & 26 NOV 20:00 – 23:00 Oooh Fest Amsterdam


International Free-Improv & Spontaneous Art Festival.
2 nights of a freely improvised contraptions with sound, movement, visuals and … ?
Over the past 6 years, our festivals and projects have been hosting some of the world’s most innovative ‘instant’ artists and performers.
The festival is happening in Berlin, London, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Madrid and other cities around the globe with our big summer event in Ragusa, Sicily.
We are delighted to return to Amsterdam, our pre-pandemic event there was one of our best ever festivals…
We bring our floating population of international artists to co-create a string of one-off ensembles together with leading local musicians from the Amsterdam free-improv scene.