do 09 nov

19:30 - 22:30



Date: November 9th Time: 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM Entrance: Register here

Publishing house HetMoet invites everyone to celebrate their 5th anniversary at Treehouse NDSM! Readers, writers, illustrators, booksellers, and all those who have been involved in the journey of HetMoet belong here! After all, you never make books alone, and you never celebrate big milestones alone, either. Through fruitful collaborations and cross-pollination, HetMoet continues to create with their team of four women and one enthusiastic intern.

To add to this celebration, HetMoet is also releasing a surprise anthology, a collection of the Mammoetjes, under the title ‘Terrible desire’. Fannah Palmer, the editor of Mammoetjes, has specially composed this collection from the fantastic texts published over the past two years by Nadia de Vries, Ilse Josepha Lazaroms, Annemart Pilon, but also Jameisha Prescod and Deryn Rees-Jones from their recently born British imprint , HetMoet-Menard Press.

HetMoet publishing house set sail 5 years ago and has since grown into a synergetic community of readers, writers, creatives, illustrators and performing artists. The past five years haven’t always been smooth sailing; the traditional book as we know it sometimes seems to be in danger of extinction. That is precisely where the challenge for HetMoet lies. If the reader is not finding the book themselves anymore, the book will need to find its way to the reader.

The best literature sometimes goes against the flow, sometimes with it.

See you on November 9th!