ma 06 jun

10:30 - 15:30, Treehouse NDSM

Introductory Workshop to Handpan


A full day of learning and playing this unique instrument with Handpan Studio Amsterdam.

On June 6th, you will have the opportunity to learn the basic techniques of handpan and discover the many joys of this practice during a full day workshop. Just between 10:30am and 3:30pm that day, you will learn your first rhythm and song. Towards the end of the day there will be a jam session, playing together and giving every aspirant musician the chance to improvise with the handpan.

Joris and Deniz will close the workshop with a concert using multiple instruments. When the workshop ends you can take one of the instruments home and practice for 10 more days and discover the beauty of playing handpan.

More information about the various workshops and lessons, as well as prices and online registration on the Handpan Studio website.


Cultuur, Muziek
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