vr 15 jul

21:30 - 22:30, Treehouse NDSM

LIVE MUSIC @ TREEHOUSE NDSM: Empire Productions Presents DeLaRue


On Friday, July 15th you can join us at Treehouse NDSM for a Francophone pop mixed with hip hop and afro dance.


About DeLaRue

DeLaRue is a Congolese/Dutch singer and songwriter, previously known as Deynowel. He first got hold of the microphone in 2009 and started growing his exceptional talents from there. He started with Dutch rap but soon realized that he has a talent for singing and made a switch to the French-language pop / hip hop / afro dance genre. After a long solo career with multiple ft’s he has managed to reach more than 3 million streams. DeLaRue has been officially signed to the Empire Productions label since 2022.


About the label

Empire Productions (EP) is a management agency and label. EP works with different artists / songwriters /producers with 1 common goal. They believe that everyone can become successful in all aspects of life when a strong foundation is built with personal development, the right guidance and an enormous dose of music knowledge.



From July 8th till July 18th, Over Het IJ will have their festival heart next to Treehouse NDSM. This cultural collaboration offers OverHet IJ’s traditional programme of the best of location theatre plus music performances by some of our most talented artists.

Treehouse NDSM crafted a rich programme specially for Over HetIJ Festival, consisting of 6 evenings of diverse musical excellence. After enjoying a day of adventurous art productions of current site-specific theater, come to Treehouse and discover live shows of modern folk, French speaking afro-house, jazz and more!


Learn more about this collaboration here!


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