do 30 nov

18:00 - 23:45, Treehouse NDSM



Date: November 30th Time: 6pm – 12am Price: 2.50 euros


“First Makan (we eat), and then… Disko Disko!! (we dance)

Nevera Soundsystem and TitsOut4Snacks is gathering together once again to share food and make melodies in this session at Treehouse NDSM. Everyone is encouraged to join in and use the space as an opportunity to play. Music lovers are also welcomed to listen and have a bite! TitsOut4Snacks will provide a series of glorious veggie munches using the intervals (a menu will be provided closer to the date). Bring an open heart, an empty stomach, and whatever you like to make sound with! Or just join to enjoy the music, the sun and connect with the artist’s studios at Treehouse NDSM.

About Nevera Soundsystem

Nevera Soundsystem is a collective composed of creative multi-instrumentalists with a range of expressive channels including sound design, production, DJ mixes, performance, ad other multimedia endeavors. After many jam sessions at closed events, Nevera Soundsystem is opening their doors to other Amsterdam-based musicians.

About TitsOut4Snacks

‍Titsout4Snacks is an Amsterdam based food collective. What started between friends cooking for each other at university dorms has now evolved into a collective that centers all events around the formation of a community. Our backgrounds are brought together by the love of food, and the joy of uniting people around the table; meshing together the influences from our international kitchens – we like to bring a slice of home to your seat at the table.

SIGN UP FORM: (Let us know which instruments you play/ if you will be getting food as well)

Tickets: click here.