di 20 dec

20:00 - 22:00, Studio 150 Bethlehemkerk

Marle Thomson & band – Amarte Studio Concerts


Start time: 20.00h
Doors open: 19.15h

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Marle Thomson is a storyteller. She tells personal stories that feel universal. Her songs deal with themes such as the courage to show vulnerability, processing loss, self-acceptance and the courage to let go, without it getting very heavy. There is always hope and room for a new beginning. Her voice and songs contain deep layering, a mix of strength and vulnerability. Or a so-called “saudade”, a feeling of longing and melancholy, which touches her audience..

Tonight Marle plays a mix of songs from the various EPs and albums she has released since 2016, along with some great musicians. The songs from Marle’s latest EP ‘Trip to the Moon’ (2021) will premiere tonight, because they have never been performed live in this special line-up.

Based in Amsterdam, Marle Thomson developed as a songwriter and producer, influenced by indie folk pop, R&B and jazz. Raised in a musical family, she started playing the violin at a young age and joined the gospel choir at the church. After high school, Marle was accepted at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam to study jazz singing. During her studies she won the prize of the Stichting Jazz Talent (Mathilde Santing Award) and was named ‘Soul and Jazz’ Talent by Radio 6.’


Marle Thomson

Hugo den Oudsten

Salle de Jonge

Baer Traa

Gijs Batelaan


Picture by Marty Marn Photography


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