vr 03 jun

19:00 - 20:00, Treehouse NDSM

My Feminist Economy: Cooking up a rebellion


As part of Treehouse’s Momentum exhibition, artist-in-residence Rachel Walker-Konno brings you an interactive cooking performance.

What would our lives look like living among a feminist economy? With Rachel and her ten feminist-economic-principled objects as medium, you will bring to life new ideas that sit mainly in academic texts through a cooking and eating ritual. This performance is open to all genders and walks of life, and no prior knowledge of feminism is necessary. The main actions participants will be asked to undertake revolve around preparing and cooking food and everyone will leave having eaten a tasty meal.


10 participants will be involved in the interactive performance via registration with this link


*Open for additional audience

**Children are welcome but need support from an adult.


Cultuur, Educatie
Educatie, Geschikt voor kinderen, Gratis, Language no problem, Performance, Workshop