do 06 mei

Dit evenement vindt plaats tussen 01/10/2020 - 01/07/2021

11:00 - 21:00, STRAAT

Quote from the streets


I.v.m. de maatregelen is STRAAT gesloten tot en met 9 februari 2021

Is street art inside still street art?

As its name suggests, street art belongs in the street. So, is it possible to have street art on a canvas? How essential is the illegal component to this art form? Isn’t street art meant to eventually fade away into the urban landscape? In other words, is street art inside still street art? This is the main question we address in Quote from the streets.

Moving the art form from the streets to STRAAT, allows us to preserve the artworks and to showcase artists from all over the world in one single place. Displayed at our opening exhibition are 153 artworks by 140 artists from 32 nationalities.

While visiting the museum to create their artworks, these artists shared their creative journeys and personal perspectives with us. Connecting the dots between the works and their stories, it transpired that many key aspects of street art were still present in our collection, even though the pieces were all made in and for an institution.

By highlighting these aspects, the exhibition underlines how these artworks and their narratives connect to one another. This is what makes all of them, indeed, part of the same movement.

STRAAT is een museum voor graffiti en streetart, gevestigd in de Lasloods op de NDSM-werf.

In het STRAAT museum kun je het werk van graffiti artiesten van over de hele wereld, die grenzen verleggen van Amsterdam tot New York, van São Paulo tot Tokyo. Onder één dak vind je een verzameling van stijlen, vormen, technieken en verhalen van de grootste kunstbeweging uit onze tijd.

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