do 10 nov

14:00 - 16:30, Treehouse NDSM



Ink and brush are fast and sensitive materials that allow you to express different emotions. At the same time, the material often also clearly shows how you feel and what comes out of your fingers at that moment.

In her workshops, Esther tries to let you enjoy ink and brushes, with exercises that teach you to handle the material better technically, but with which you also learn to move more into the feeling of the expression itself. e.g. energy-packed lines also give you new energy!


Sometimes we don’t realise enough that we are part of a natural system, in which the different seasons follow and complement each other. Our professions no longer dependent on that. As a human being you can sometimes notice that some months allow you to handle everything, while in other months your energy seems to be half used up, just heating your own body!

The winter workshop goes by the theme ‘dormancy’. Feel what happens as you take a break to see how you would like to move on. Daring to take rest also requires guts and confidence, in order to be able to continue at full speed later. With (black) ink on (white) paper you can clearly see what your actions look like and also feel how you experience them yourself.

Moving with ink & brush is mainly about the pleasure of doing it with sometimes a nice result as a surprise.

Price: 35 euros

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