za 23 jul

11:00 - 16:00, Treehouse NDSM

Workshop: The life of fragments & the logic of montages


As part of Treehouse’s Momentum exhibition, this  participatory workshop focuses on the logic of montage as fragments. Here, the meaning of Momentum in its approximation to the broken and fragmented is tested. Participants will collect and use media (such as images, videos, text and performance) that lives in their memories as random fragments to create new meaning and new stories. Through the continued practice of re-shuffling fragments of visual materials, audios and words, we test how the broken pieces that once lived separately inside our minds can gain momentum in its connection to other fragments. In this collage, will the broken species find new life?

* A basic knowledge of editing videos is required (on phone, laptop or online platforms such as Instagram or Tiktok)


Registration by sending an email to:


Cultuur, Film
Gratis, Workshop