zo 30 jun

10:00 - 16:00

Contemporary Language | 1-day workshop improvised theatre | Flock Festival


Contemporary Language | 1-day workshop | Flock Festival

This is a workshop in improvised theatre.

Language is an important tool of the improviser, but due to its improvised nature, it’s mostly used as a vehicle of meaning or an expression of wit, sacrificing quality of words over efficiency of the scene. A means rather than a purpose…

This workshop aims to look at the spoken word in improvisation as though it were a written creation, a rich support for thoughts and emotions, as well as poetic expression. In short: to play as if it has been written and care less about what is said than how it is said. We will take inspiration from contemporary theatre authors, whether they be real or imaginary, and will amuse ourselves (I hope!) with the manipulation of words and the structures of dialogues to create aesthetics of the improvised speech.

Any level of second-language English is welcome!

  • Sunday June 30 — 10:00 to 16:00 (1h lunch break)
  • €120 for the one-day workshop
  • Location: Beatzone, Tt. Vasumweg 34B in Amsterdam-Noord. This location (and the bathroom) is on the ground floor.
  • This workshop is in easy English

More info and signup is here.


About the teacher Paul Berrocal

Paul is a professional actor and improviser from Vevey, Switzerland.

He started performing as a child through music and circus arts. He then tried improvisation when he was a teenager, which led him to later quit university and go to theatre school instead. Since 2009, he has worked as an actor with different troupes, some of which he co-founded. Actively involved in improv circles, he also promotes this art as a powerful learning tool as well as a legit theatrical process. The more he practises, the more he’s amazed by all the possibilities that this art offers.

He’s a member of Cie Slalom, which creates improvised shows inspired by the work of famous authors (Molière, Shakespeare, Feydeau), Cie Georges Poutre which plays SAGA, an improvised anthology whose aesthetics change every season, Cie Les Grands Félins, with which he created the post-apocalyptic show Bunker. He has created, played or directed over 30 shows (improvised or text), and also starred in a dozen short-films.

In parallel, he has never stopped performing as a singer and guitar player with different bands, and solo as well.



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