za 30 jul

12:00 - 23:00, NDSM-werf

No art festival


We’re excited to announce our first No Art Festival.
Striking down on the NDSM-werf. This location has a history of being used as a shipyard company and is now turned into one of the creative hubs of Amsterdam.
With our festival, we will create an experience that is truly unique and will embody what we stand for as No Art.


Artwork by Roderik Faassen

No Art is an independent label that programs unconventional art-performances & pioneering musicians at unique locations. Our aim, however, is not to create parties, but to broaden our visitor’s minds. Musically and artistically. We want to give you something to talk about with your friends. Or with a stranger. All our events are supported by a professional line-up. One which we don’t reveal.


Beeldende kunst, Muziek


Synergy Art Festival

Tijdens het festival vertonen meer dan achttien jonge getalenteerde hedendaagse beeldende kunstenaars en kunstverzamelaars uit Amsterdam-Noord en omstreken hun kunst.

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