za 29 jun

10:00 - 16:00

Who do you want to be? | 1-day workshop improvised theatre


Who do you want to be? | 1-day workshop | Flock Festival

A workshop in improvised theatre.

Are you tired of digging for new characters in your mind and eager to try something different?

Why not use your own body to bring a character to life. In this workshop, we will explore various methods to create characters and personalities in entirely new ways. Utilizing the body to breathe life into a character and experimenting with portraying multiple distinct personas at once are just a few things we want to try.

We will use techniques from all kind of genres: Acting, Dancing and Clowning.

  • Saturday June 29 — 10:00 to 16:00 (1h lunch break)
  • €120 for the one-day workshop
  • Location: Beatzone, Tt. Vasumweg 34B in Amsterdam-Noord. This location (and the bathroom) is on the ground floor.
  • This workshop is in easy English

More information and signup is here.


About the teacher Anne Rab

Anne Rab lived and worked as an actor, director, and theatre educator for 12 years in Leipzig, Germany. She is part of the leading team for ‘Momenta’, the international festival for improvisation in Leipzig, and is a long-standing member of the Theaterturbine.

Currently, Anne resides in Vienna, Austria, where she continues her work teaching, directing and performing regularly with the Viennese improv community. Anne also works internationally teaching and performing, as well as developing improvised formats and shows. She performs with several duo-partners, including: Sarah Arndtz (Heroes), Ursula Anna Baumgartner (Bemme&Melange), and Jim Libby (The Messengers), and is a passionate advocate for community awareness in the world of improv.

Her interest for improvisation started over 15 years ago in an ensemble of clowns that made up stories without words, and this work drives and fascinates her to this day: exploring non-verbal improvisation and teaching bodywork to actors, improvisers, and anyone that wants to discover and learn.


Circus, Dans, Theater
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