za 08 apr

12:00 - 16:00, Treehouse NDSM



Date: April 8th                 Time: 13h-16h                   Ticket: 10 euros

Join Pedro for a screen printing session where you will bring to life the result of a collective collage co-created during the In the Process of Making exhibition at Treehouse NDSM. You will be introduced to the basics of screen printing and contribute to the creation of a series of collaborative posters. At the end of the workshop, you will take the printed posters and paste them around the NDSM area. All materials and tools will be provided and no prior experience necessary.

The artwork Creative Commodities by Pedro Gil Farias will be featured in the group exhibition In the Process of Making, taking place from March 16th to April 9th. In this show, the audience will be invited to co-create with the artists. All the artworks will continue to unfold and new pieces will be created, as a way to privilege the process over the final product.

Pedro Gil Farias is a Portuguese artist, designer, and researcher who also works under the alias (de)conceptualise. Based in Rotterdam, he combines digital and analog media to create participatory and subversive works related to social issues. Pedro has a particular interest in the concept of the ‘commons’ and the process of ‘commoning’ in its various forms – cultural, spatial, knowledge, visual, etc.


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