za 20 jan

19:30 - 22:00, Treehouse NDSM



Date: January 20th               Time: 19h30-22h              Price: €17,50*

Flock Theatre is back with Flock & Friends. For their first show of 2024, the evening will feature two shows!

First, the showcase of the workshop The Midnight Library. A new story inspired by the famous book of Matt Haig. Second, Treehouse Unscripted: a special collaboration between the art of artists from Treehouse NDSM and improvised theatre.


1. The Midnight Library – Showcase

Your life is a series of choices. For every path you choose, countless others remain untaken. Without realising it yourself, your most banal choice can end up changing your life forever. You’ll never know how your life could have been different. Never? Unless you end up in the midnight library where all the lives you didn’t lead are carefully kept by the librarian. There, you will have a chance to discover what was behind the other door.

This improvised play is directed by Ben Verhoeven and is inspired by the book by Matt Haig. Each show, we see a new protagonist trying out their shot at a new life. Will the clock keep ticking after midnight?


2. Treehouse Unscripted – Professional Show

Treehouse Unscripted is a professional show where Flock Theatre invites local artists to present a piece of their art—music, song, painting, sculpture or other—and improvise a fully unique piece of theatre out of it.

Performers will include international guest Ben Verhoeven, as well as Tanine, Jenny, Laura and Gael, the organisation team of Flock Theatre!


*two shows included in the ticket. More info: click here.


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