do 21 mrt

19:00 - 22:00, Treehouse NDSM



Another edition of HetMoet Gezegd presents an open mic evening organised by Uitgeverij HetMoet in collaboration with Treehouse NDSM!

During this event, young writers take the stage and claim their time to share stories that need to be told. Together, they contribute to a varied and inspiring evening, in which stories can be translated into poetry, spoken word, and textual music. HetMoet Gezegd is also a place where all kinds of writing and literature enthusiasts meet, in a creative and relaxed environment: Treehouse NDSM!

For the first open mic session of 2024, HetMoet will collaborate with the exhibition Tongues, curated by one of our editors. This exhibition deals with feelings of home or homelessness. Various artists explore their relationship to migration, multilinguality and a multicultural society and how to create a home for yourself in a world where people are increasingly on the move.

The evening will be presented in Dutch, but befitting the theme of the exhibition, all performers will be asked to read at least one text in a different language or a text translated from a different language.

[This activity is part of the programme for “Tongues” exhibition]