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20:00 - 22:00, Studio 150 Bethlehemkerk

Līva Dumpe Quintet – Amarte Studio Concerts


Start time: 20.00h
Doors open: 19.15h

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“Līva Dumpe Quintet” is led by Amsterdam-based vocalist and composer Līva, who has collected her strongest thoughts and put them into musical forms.
Within the compositions, the band expresses chamber music textures by the voice, flute and double bass, added up with rough, dynamic bursts in guitar and drum parts. Impressionistic, water-color like harmonies contrast the more experimental, avant-garde sounds.
Guided by lyrics that stretch from simple visual metaphors to contemporary issues, their performance has dynamic energy with an ability to welcome you, the listener into a world of ritual and mysticism.
Founded in 2022, the quintet has announced itself as a promising, innovative band performing as the finalist of the Keep an Eye International Jazz Award 2022.

Līva Dumpe Quintet:
Līva Dumpe – voice, piano, compositions
Ketija-Ringa Karahona – flute
Massimo Imperatore – guitar
Omer Govreen – double bass
Ilia Rayskin – drums


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