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16:00 - 23:00, Treehouse NDSM



Date: August 26th                 Time: 16h – 23h         Price: 10 euros + admin. costs (14 euros at the door)

Empire Productions invites you to enjoy different performances by some of the best from their diverse roster of artists. Encouraging their musicians and producers to push boundaries and explore new sonic landscapes, this collaborative label has been busy cooking up innovative Afro and Urban music and will present it on this special edition of Live at Our Place.

Wagner Bendinha, better known as Angosoundz, started his musical career as a DJ in Portugal at the young age of 12, fueled by a passion for music that had been brewing in him long before then. His drive is the reaction his music provokes when he performs in clubs. Surrounded by diverse styles, he always tries to create something new to surprise his audience. In addition to being a DJ, Angosoundz is also known as a producer and has many hits to his name, including ‘Mi no lob’ and ‘Bobo’

More about Angosoundz: Instagram | Spotify | More info

Osemuahu Gracious Avbiuluimen, well known as Luimeno, is a Nigerian afrobeat artist who dropped his first ever project “package” from Eastern Europe, which was streamed globally soon after. Currently based in Amsterdam, Luimeno is constantly working on his debut album. Now part of the Empire Productions team, Luimeno is ready to spread his wings to planet Earth to heal and inspire others with his angelic sound.

More about Luimeno: Instagram | Spotify

Josias Phallang Bereng, better known by his stage name Vitamin P, is a Mosotho rapper, singer, songwriter, and author. His stage name is derived from an open-ended basis, inviting the listener to interpret the meaning on their terms. After moving to The Netherlands from South Africa in 2010, he chose music as his primary expression and Hip Hop as the channel. His styles range from boom-bap to trap music and everything in between. He is currently independent and managed by Empire Productions. His debut release “Are You Happy Now?” is expected to be released in October 2023.

More about Vitamin P: Instagram | Spotify

D’larue, formerly known as Deynowel is an inspiring artist with Congolese roots. With his irresistible French Afro rhythms, his music strikes a chord in the hearts of all, charming them irresistibly to the dance floor. After being on hiatus, he’s back and better than ever. Music is his life’s passion, and you can feel this. In collaboration with Empire Productions, he is ready to bring his music to the world and motivate others, he will be performing his latest hits at PHNX Events.

More about D’larue: Instagram | Spotify

Born in Paramaribo, 25-year-old Eliz Winter has always considered music a huge part of her life. From childhood, she was brought up with gospel, reggae, soul, and the golden oldies. At the age of 12, she joined the acapella choir at her church, which kickstarted her love for performance and song. With her upcoming debut release in collaboration with Empire Productions around the corner, she cannot wait to inspire the public with her angelic voice.

More about Eliz: Instagram


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Live at our Place is a series of monthly intimate concerts by Treehouse NDSM’s musicians-in-residence. Our industrial Pavilion building will be turned into the musicians’ own living room, tuned each time to their own particular style and vibe. We invite you to our place, grab a drink, sit on the couch (or dance!), and enjoy the tunes that our talented community is working on during their stay at Treehouse NDSM.

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