ma 08 jan

20:00 - 23:45, Treehouse NDSM



Date: January 8th Time: 20h – 00h Price: 10 euros*

For the first Live At Our Place concert of 2024, we invite all jazz lovers to an evening of musical excellence. Amsterdam-based Govreen/Sever quartet will present a fascinating blend of contemporary jazz composition and ensemble musicianship, while Massimo Imperatore Trio will bring you to uncharted territories deep-rooted in Jazz and inspired by avant-garde and 20th-century classical composers.

Live at our Place is a series of monthly intimate concerts by Treehouse NDSM’s musicians-in-residence. Our industrial Pavilion building will be turned into the musicians’ own living room, tuned each time to their own particular style and vibe. We invite you to our place, grab a drink, sit on the couch (or dance!), and enjoy the tunes that our talented community is working on during their stay at Treehouse NDSM.

/ In partnership with We Are Public


The Govreen musicians shift seamlessly between composition and improvisation, executing complex metric shifts and irregular grooves with comfort and ease. The combination of piano and vibraphone, both rich harmony instruments, enables their strong written melodies to dance and weave around the ensemble, further blurring the lines between the pre-written and the spontaneous. Govreen/Sever’s lineup is a proud combination of international musicians: Omer Govreen, Double bass (IL), Aleksander Sever, Vibraphone (Slovenia), Floris Kappeyne, Piano (NL), Wouter Kühne, Drums (NL). In the band’s own words: “the melodies go straight to your heart while the rhythms keep you at the edge of your seat.”

“The band’s got a rugged, serene and mysterious beauty all her own,”- Flophouse Magazine.



Massimo reimagines the idea of ​​the “guitar trio”, fusing his way of unfolding narrative with a personal creative compositional trajectory. Massimo Imperatore has established himself as an expressive and eclectic guitar player and composer. His approach to composition comes from a deep-rooted urge to search for new musical expressions. Through in-depth research on the colors the guitar can unveil, he produces new elements to enrich his musical identity. Additionally, Ilia Rayskin’s orchestral approach to drumset makes him a superb colourist as well as a solid groove keeper and Ton Felices has a unique way of serving the music he approaches, reframing it with a personal touch.

* + admin costs until the day of the concert at 12h. 14 euros at the door.


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