zo 26 mrt

14:00 - 17:00, Treehouse NDSM



Date: March 26th                  Time: 14h – 17h                Ticket: 25 euros

Free up your approach to keeping a sketchbook. Visual artist Rose Wildsmith invites you to unchain yourself from sketchbook ‘rules’ using principles that allow total freedom. She will show you more than 10 mixed-media techniques for interesting, vibrant spreads. Have a new love affair with your sketchbook!

Rose Wildsmith participates with his piece Momentum in the group exhibition In the Process of Making. From March 16th to April 9th, the audience will be invited to co-create with the artists. During this 4-week long show, all the artworks will continue to unfold and new pieces will be created, as a way to privilege the process over the final product.

Rose Wildsmith is a visual mixed-media process artist. She makes work that explores the experience of being human in particular axes of time and space. Rose operates in a meditative, intuitive way, which she considers to be a spiritual practice. Inspired by graffiti, street art, her travels to India and East Asia, and Mandarin and Hindi languages, all these elements come together into her work. Textile art, patchwork and quilting influence her work as well in the form of repeating patterns, geometric tessellations and textural effects.



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