za 25 nov

13:30 - 16:00, Treehouse NDSM



Date: 25 November      Time: 13h30- 16h     Price: 5.2€

Workshop in the frame of the exhibition Labors of Love from November 2nd to December 3rd. As part of the program of We Are Warming Up festival organized by Tolhuistuin, this show focuses on the importance of changing the balance of our current social and economic systems in order to confront the Climate catastrophe we find ourselves in.

Open to all, including children accompanied by an adult.

During this workshop we will channel the power of love and care to manifest a better future for our loved ones by creating talismans. These talismans can be for a place, child, friend, pet or other being and will contain a wish drawn from ecofeminist thinking. Each participant can then take their self-made talisman with them to give to their beloved one or hang it where they want it to manifest. A photo will be made of each talisman to digitally create an image of an ecofeminist future that will become part of the Labors of Love exhibition at the Treehouse.

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Beeldende kunst, Cultuur