za 02 jul

17:00 - 23:00, Treehouse NDSM

Performance: F*ck Healing (?) ‘Living The Wounded Life’


Reclaim your wounds and find the hidden lessons in them during this visual art performance!

Together with visual art pieces and workshops, this performance works alongside the reclamation of wounds, breaks and ruptures, and the material, historical, narrative and psychical experience of them. This programme of events intends to present a conceptual and artistic response to the notion of momentum as generated through different types of fractures. The programme critically interrogates notions of “healing” as proximate to hegemonic regimes of conformity and normative perceptions of health.  “Fuck Healing” question the merits of our wounds, the divergent momentum they present, and recognizes the future modes of “becomings” that “breaking” may allow us.




“Fuck Healing (?) Living the Wounded Life” will feature work and performances by the artists Vita Buivid, Clara Saito,Eric Peter, Dina Mohamed, Francesca Hawker, Marc Norbert Horler, GayatriKodikal, Erica Biolchini, Bogna Bochinska, Weronika Szufranowicz, MarieTučková, Bethany Crawford and Clementine Edwards. Also, to help you fuckhealing literally, there will be a pop-up by Tailbone, a Rotterdam basedsex-positive shop that centers Queer lived experiences and creative community.





Beeldende kunst, Cultuur
Gratis, Language no problem, Performance